Mikelis Fisers for solo exhibition "Disgrace" at Pauls Stradins Museum of the History of Medicine (28.11.2014 - 18.01.2015).

Arturs Rinkis for work "Pulsar Q 19" at exhibition "Solar systems perspective" at the exhibiton hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art „Arsenāls” (13.01.2014.-25.01.2015.) and for the creative artwork of last two years at art garden "The Middle of nowhere".

Gints Gabrans for work „Not from anywhere” at exhibition „Visionary structures. From Johansson to Johansson” at Latvian National library (02.07. – 06.08.2014.)

Kaspars Teodors Brambergs for solo exhibition „Dynamis” at floating art gallery „Noah” (17.05. - 05.06.2014)

Ginters Krumholcs for solo exhibition “Why Didn’t You Wake Me Up?” at the Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art  (15.11.-08.12.2013)

Kristaps Gelzis and Girts Biss for work „Pulpit” at Riga Cathedral Garden Gallery „Mans Doms” (24.10. – 24.11.2013)

Girts Muiznieks for solo exhibition „” at Mukusala Art Salon (04.12.2013 – 18.01.2014)

Henrijs Preiss for the exhibition "Artefacts" at the Creative Workshop of the Exhibition Hall "Arsenāls" (21.02.-28.03.2013.)